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Our company, IAA, Inc. proudly offers the highest quality professionally designed plastic Photo ID Cards, PhotoID , and other cards for regular customers, corporations, private businesses, hospitals, medical offices, real estates, construction companies, schools and colleges, various organizations, Emergency Medical ID Cards & more! Another product offered by our company is a new innovative Business Card printed on very thin plastic with your color picture and personal and company information in full color process.

IAA, Inc. specializes in creating the designs and manufacturing highest quality personal photo ID cards, using latest technology, such as hologram, bar code, magnetic stripe, SIM card imitation on plastic card. We provide all products to our customers at the best and affordable prices.

Upon receiving your approval for photo ID card design, personnel photos and information, our photo ID cards are usually shipped to the client within one to three business days.

Your photo ID cards will be supplied with your personalized company attributes such as agency's logo no extra charge.


All Photo ID Cards start at $30 per card

  • 3 -10 cards - $25 per each card
  • 10 - 50 cards - $20 per each card
  • 50 - 100 cards - $15 per each card
  • Over 100 pc. volume - $ 11.50 per each card

New Design Business Card

  • minimum order 50 for the price of $1.50 per card
  • 100 - 500 cards - $1.00 each card
  • 500 - 1000 cards - $ .80 each card

No setup fee applies, except for special Photo ID card design, which can be created upon your request. Special design price is $30 US.

Large or small organizations or private customers...Our company will be happy to create and print your Photo ID Cards. No minimum order for Photo ID required!

You can personalize your Photo ID Cards by inserting a graphic of your personal logo, vehicle, building, or equipment into our design.

When you add new employees after we print the Photo ID Cards for your initial order you simply email us the photos and information on your new employees or members. We will print the Photo IDs within two or three days and mail them to you. If you have a rush order we can print them sooner for you if possible. You only pay the per-card card cost and a minimal shipping charge. There is NO additional setup cost to you!

PLEASE NOTE: All orders are verified for validity and for proper authorization to place an order for our products. We verify the identity of the person by whom the request is made and confirm the employment of the requesting party by agency or company.

Any requests found to be fraudulent will be referred to the appropriate law enforcement agency. We appreciate you consideration when applying for our product and using the services of IAA, Inc.

Contact us at:

Tel: +1 (800) 679-3687

Tel: +1 (718) 648-9874 Fax: +1 (718) 332-5727




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Main office in USA

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Tel: +1 (718)648-9874
Fax: +1 (718)332-5727
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