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Distributors and Agents

Requirements for becoming an agent of our company:

  1. Have the possibility to translate information from the national driver's license into English.
  2. Be able to scan pictures, work with a computer and email.
  3. As an agent you will solely be responsible for the applications and accept the Documents presented to us by the applicants and will not hold IAA.
  4. Be responsible for any claims made against either international driver's document or ID card. When applying for international driver's document, only an original driver license of customer's valid, not expired, not suspended driver license is acceptable.


Make a request through the contact form for the prices and benefits and answer for the following questions:

  1. When do you want to start to submit your orders?
  2. How many international driver's documents do you plan to order a month?
  3. What is a payment method for your orders (Credit card, Western Union, Money order or something else)?
  4. Where do you want to distribute international driver's documents.


Main office in USA
Main office in USA

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